Saturday, January 5, 2013

Footrpints: Day 5



I wouldn't have done this on any other occasion, but this post just deserves to be in all caps. heh. Like this is the next best thing to actually seeing Kobe playing on the court (w/c by the way happened to me for realzzz two years ago). Can you just imagine what this means for someone who fangirls as hard as I do?  It's like having a direct line to Kobe never mind that the possibility of him answering is very very slim, but still there's the chance. Ooh my mind is already going cray thinking about all the love I can bundle in 140 characters. #fangirlout

**Footprints is a photo journal that I started this 2013. Basically I just take and post photos of practically anything that best captures my mood/thoughts/activities on a particular day. It's an exercise both in mindfulness and creativity not to mention a wonderful reminder to be grateful for each and every day.

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